Mini Oreo and Bailey’s Cheesecakes [NO Bake]

Good Afternoon lovely bakers! Ever since I posted my recipe for a no bake Nutella Tart I’ve been thinking of other scrumptious ideas that are just as easy to make and utterly divine to eat. With this in mind, may I present to you… Mini Oreo and Baileys Cheesecake bites <3


My sister is the true inspiration for this recipe, she makes the MOST delicious Bailey’s cheesecake and I just wanted to add in some Oreo goodness and put it all together for a super speedy dessert. I think a No Bake cheesecake is one of the most versatile and easy desserts that can be whipped up in no time for dinner parties or a perfect afternoon treat, and with not many ingredients you might have everything you need in the cupboard already! ๐Ÿ™‚ … or maybe its only me that keeps a stash of Oreos to hand :p

I really enjoyed making these cute little delights, with my afternoon acoustic music playing, I was in my own little world putting them together and they came out so well. The buttery Oreo base, the creamy Oreo and Baileys filling and of course the cute Mini Oreo topper really make a great combo. There’s a really great balance of flavour with not one ingredient overpowering another – just a simple, delicious and mouthwateringly good Mini Cheesecake bite.


I always take what I’ve made into work for ‘testing’ and this recipe probably received the best reaction yet – no doubt I’ll be making another batch for ‘further testing’ purposes ๐Ÿ˜‰


For the base:

200g Oreos

80g butter, melted

For the filling:

560g cream cheese

100g icing sugar

284ml double cream

50ml Baileys

8 Oreos, crushed

To decorate:

Tub of Mini Oreos


1 – Line a cupcake tray with cases, the smaller cases if you have them.


2 – Crush the oreos in a food processor or by hand with a heavy rolling pin. They should resemble crumbs. Add in the melted butter and stir until combined.

3 – Spoon 1sp of the mix into each case, depending on how thick you prefer the base you can make around 24 mini cheesecakes.

4 – Using a small glass (I used a souvenir shot glass!) press the mix down into the case so it’s even, compact and fills the bottom of the case. Place in the freezer while you make the filling.

5 – Whisk the cream until peaks just form and hold their shape. Add in the icing sugar and whisk until peaks form, they’ll be stiffer now.

6 – Add in the cream cheese and Baileys and whisk until smooth and combined. Be careful not to over mix this.

7 – Fold in the crushed Oreos. Fill the cases to the top. You can either spoon the mix in and smooth over or use a piping bag to pipe the mix in and then smooth over. I found it easier to get the filling into the cases using a piping bag but both methods work.


8 – Grate an oreo over the mini cheesecakes and chill for 2 hours in the fridge.

9 – When ready to serve, decorate with a mini oreo and enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


Happy [NO]Baking!


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