Indoor S’mores

As promised I said there would be a delicious serving suggestion for my earlier Vanilla Butter Biscuits recipe.. and here it is!! In the spirit of recreating an American campfire classic this recipe for indoor s’mores might be one of the easiest and tastiest recipes yet!

Sometimes I get a craving for something sweet and think that s’mores would be perfect. Seen as our British Summer doesn’t allow for many outdoor campfires or BBQ’s I thought why not make an indoor version that you can whip up all year round… just turn off the lights, get a picture of a roaring fire up on your screen and ta’da an indoor s’mores session for all your friends and family to enjoy 🙂

First you’ll need to make the dippers aka the Vanilla Butter Biscuits so you can scoop up the chocolate and marshmallow – you can find the recipe here!

Now for the fun part..!!


100g milk chocolate

100g marshmallows, varying sizes and colours – whatever your preference!


You’ll need a shallow dish for this – I used an individual sized lasagne dish and it was a perfect size.

1 – Break the chocolate up and melt in the microwave – 30 second blasts and be careful not to burn it. Pour into the dish.

2 – Keep a few marshmallows back and then place the rest in a bowl and melt in the microwave for 30 seconds. They should have all merged into one big gloppy mallow, and they’ll have expanded in size. Pour over the chocolate in the dish.

3 – Sprinkle the extra marshmallows on top and using a cook’s blowtorch toast the tops and melt the extra mallows. If you don’t have one you can put the dish under the grill, on a low setting and watch very carefully!

Now you can enjoy your indoor S’mores, just dip the biscuits in and scoop out some warm, gooey s’mores goodness! <3

Happy S’mores Making!

Becky x

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