Raw Chocolate Brownies

Raw Chocolate Brownies – gooey, sticky and oh so chocolately with an added crunch of pecans – YUM!


I really wanted to give these raw chocolate brownies a go, I thought to myself can they really be that good? Can they really taste like brownies? Well, I answered my own questions with a resounding YES! They are super gooey, moist and deliciously chocolately, you’ll almost feel guilty going back for seconds before you realise they’re raw, gluten free bites of goodness!



The brownie mix is made up of nuts, dates, cocoa powder with one surprise ingredient for added sweetness and moistness – CARROTS! Yes, carrots – trust me you won’t even know they’re in there but they sure do help make these raw chocolate brownie bites something special!


Raw Chocolate Brownies

They may not look like much but they pack some flavour into such tiny bites – so moreish and rich you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried them before – I sure did wonder, and now I know – raw is just as tasty! I love love love these brownies and I will definitely be making them again!

… but don’t worry I still love the classics – any and all chocolate is fine by me haha.

Inspired by Lorraine Pascales recipe.


95g ground almonds

260g dates, stoned

1tbsp water

2 carrots, peeled

60g cocoa powder

60g pecans

Topping –

50g cocoa powder

2tbsp maple syrup

1tbsp clear runny honey

handful of pecans


Line a baking tin with baking paper.

1 – Using a food processor – mix together the dates and 35g of the ground almonds. Keep processing until the mix looks fine and there aren’t any large lumps left. Add in the water and mix again.

2 – Break the carrots up into smaller pieces and add to the processor. Mix until carrot is finely chopped and mixed in with the other ingredients. It should be looking a lot more sticky and might be clumping up – this is fine.

3 – Add in the remaining ground almonds, cocoa powder and pecans. Mix until combined and chopped – the mix should be thick, sticky but everything should be processed well enough so there aren’t any lumps – except for a few pecan chunks maybe!

4 – Empty out into the prepared baking tin, press down into the tin and evenly spread out. Pop in the freezer for 30 minutes.

5 – To make the topping – mix together the cocoa powder, maple syrup and honey until really well combined with no lumps. Pour over the raw brownies and leave in the fridge to set a little more – about another 30 minutes. Slice and enjoy – they will be super sticky so use a hot knife to cut through cleanly. Decorate with pecans and that’s it!

Store in the fridge for up to a week.

Happy No-Baking!

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