Cadbury’s Chocolate Cupcakes

Cadbury’s Chocolate Cupcakes: a delicious chocolate cupcake filled with Cadbury’s chocolate spread and topped with a Cadbury’s Swiss Meringue Buttercream 💜

Hello bakers! I didn’t realise at the time but my last post of Carrot Cake Baked Donuts was in fact my 100th post!! That is crazy and exciting! After taking a break from blogging I wasn’t sure whether anyone would still be interested in my recipes as there are so many fab baking bloggers out there. BUT, you guys have been so incredible and I’ve loved seeing all your bakes using my recipes! I do a little happy dance and have the biggest smile when I get tagged or messaged with a yummy photo 💜 So, please do keep tagging me because I love it, and sharing the recipe for others to bake is the whole point of my blog! Sweet inspiration 💜

Back to baking … cupcakes anyone?! These aren’t just cupcakes though, they’re Cadbury’s Chocolate Cupcakes!!! Yes, using Cadbury’s makes the biggest difference because Cadbury’s chocolate is amazing, fact!! Over here in the UK Cadbury’s chocolate is super popular as it’s smooth and creamy and so delicious. I’m so lucky to based in the Midlands so I’ve been able to take a couple of trips to Cadbury World.. can’t wait to go again! You can smell the chocolate before you even get to the factory … immense!!!

Last time I went to Cadbury World I took my fiancé with me… he is a HUGE fan of Cadbury’s… in fact it’s the only brand of chocolate he eats! That’s loyalty. I have to agree with him that Cadbury’s is the best. I’ve used three types of Cadbury’s in this recipe, Cadbury’s chocolate spread, dairy milk bar and giant chocolate buttons! The trifactor of Cadbury’s 💜 I really wanted to pack in the Cadbury’s flavour rather than just add Cadbury’s chocolate on top.

The cupcake is a basic yet tasty chocolate sponge. Once cooled it’s time to core the centre of the cupcake so we can fill it with Cadbury’s chocolate spread. I don’t have a cupcake corer so used a knife and cut out a circle in the centre at least 1cm deep… enough space to create a chocolate spread centre… so yummy!! When you bite into the cupcake and find the delicious runny chocolate spread centre… it’s just so good! An extra delight that makes the cupcakes even better!

The cupcakes are topped with the BEST buttercream ever… like seriously it’s so nice! I did think about making a standard buttercream but I don’t have any icing sugar left and neither do any of the shops. Oh icing sugar, wherefore art thou?! So I decided on Swiss Meringue Buttercream and it turned out even better than I imagined.

The Cadbury’s Swiss meringue buttercream is so creamy and light that it just melts in your mouth! It’s the best buttercream you will ever make and enjoy, I promise. Adding in Cadbury’s dairy milk to the buttercream is delicious, you can really taste the Cadbury’s chocolate still. Not only can you taste the yummy flavours of Cadbury the buttercream isn’t too sweet which is why Swiss meringue buttercream is so incredible! Finished off with Giant Cadbury Buttons these are the yummiest cupcakes EVER!!

I love this recipe for Cadbury’s Chocolate Cupcakes sooo much!! Like actually might be obsessed with how good they are. You will love them too.


For the cupcakes:

  • 200g Butter ( I used stork)
  • 200g caster sugar
  • 3 medium eggs
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 175g self raising flour
  • 50g cocoa powder


  • 16 tsp Cadbury’s Chocolate Spread

Cadbury’s Swiss Meringue Buttercream:

  • 2 medium egg whites
  • 150g caster sugar
  • 200g unsalted butter, softened, cubed
  • 110g bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk
  • 25g cocoa powder


  • Cadbury’s Giant Buttons
  • Chocolate Sprinkles


Preheat the oven to 180C and line cupcake tray with cases. This recipe will make 16 cupcakes.

1 – Cream the butter and sugar together until pale and fluffy.

2 – Add in the eggs, baking powder and 3tbsp of the flour. Mix until combined well.

3 – Fold in remaining flour and cocoa powder until a smooth batter forms, don’t over mix, just until all the ingredients have combined.

4 – Fill the cases 3/4 full with the cake mix and bake for 12 – 15 minutes or until when a skewer is inserted it comes out clean. Allow to cool.

5 – Using a knife or cupcake corer make a hole in the centre of the cupcake about 1cm deep. Keep the cake you remove. Warm the Cadbury’s chocolate spread for 20 seconds in the microwave. Spoon the Cadbury’s chocolate spread into the centre of the cupcakes and fill the hole. Place the cake back on top as a lid.

6 – To make the buttercream; heat the egg whites and sugar in a glass bowl sitting over the top of a pan of boiling water. This is called a double boiler or bann-marie method. Be sure not to fill the pan with too much water, you don’t want the water touching the bottom of the glass bowl. Gently stir the egg whites and sugar together over the heat until the sugar has dissolved. You can check this by rubbing some of the mix between your fingers to check for any remaining sugar grains. To ensure egg whites are cooked the temperature should be 71C.

7 – Once the sugar has dissolved remove from the heat and using a stand mixer or hand whisk you need to whisk the mix for roughly 10 minutes until you have stiff peaks. The mixture should have cooled a lot by now too. Add in the butter in small chunks making sure each one has combined before adding the next chunk. You should have a lovely silky smooth buttercream at the end.

8 – In a separate bowl melt the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bar, it will only take about 20 seconds in the microwave. Allow the chocolate to cool a little, you don’t want it too hot before adding in to the buttercream. Pour the melted chocolate and cocoa powder into the buttercream and whip one last time to combine. Fill the buttercream with a piping bag and pip on top of the cupcakes. Decorate with the Cadbury’s Giant Buttons and sprinkles. Enjoy!

Happy Baking!



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