Strawberry Daiquiri Loaf Cake

Strawberry Daiquiri Loaf Cake: a soft sponge with fresh strawberries and a rum drizzle, inspired by a Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail!

Hello bakers! Summer is still here and so are summer cocktails! My all time favourite cocktail is the Strawberry Daiquiri. The strawberries, rum and a little lime are the most delicious combination! I’ve combined all those divine flavours into this recipe, and it tastes incredible!

Fresh strawberries in the sponge are a delicious addition, the occasional pop of strawberry is a delight. Straight out of the oven I’ve drizzled the cake in a rum and lime sugar syrup. Make sure to insert the skewer all the way into the cake so the drizzle is throughout the cake! When you’re eating this yummy loaf cake you can really taste the rum and lime when you hit a drizzled section, amazing.

Not content with just a rum drizzle the icing is made with more rum and lime juice, coloured pink to match the delicious strawberry flavour. A strawberry daiquiri cocktail isn’t complete without fresh strawberries on top so neither would this loaf cake be. You slice more strawberries for the top if you’d like! If you’d prefer to have this cake as a mocktail leave out the rum and add a little extra lime juice when making the syrup and icing.

I have a similar recipe on my blog already, Strawberry Daiquiri Cupcakes. Please forgive the photos, they were taken many years ago before I knew what I was doing. The cupcake recipe still tastes great though!! I LOVE the Strawberry Daiquiri Loaf Cake. It is so moist and soft and bursting with flavour! Using fresh strawberries means it’s probably best kept in the fridge, just bring it out a good 15 minutes before you want a slice to bring it back to room temperature.

Strawberry Daiquiri Loaf Cake

A light sponge with fresh strawberries and a rum drizzle. Topped with a boozy lime flavoured icing.
Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 55 mins
Decorating Time 15 mins
Total Time 1 hr 30 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine Baking
Servings 8


For the cake:

  • 225 g Butter
  • 225 g Caster sugar
  • 250 g Self raising flour
  • 4 medium Eggs
  • 1 Lime zested
  • 50 g Strawberries, hulled and chopped into 1cm cubes

For the rum sugar syrup:

  • 25 ml Rum (white)
  • 1/2 Lime juice (half of 1 lime, juiced)
  • 30 g Caster sugar

For the icing:

  • 100 g Icing sugar
  • 15 ml Rum (white)
  • 1/2 Lime juice (half of 1 lime, juiced)
  • Pink food colouring (add enough to make the shade you want, start with a few drops)
  • 50 g Strawberries, hulled and sliced


To make the cake:

  • Preheat the oven to 160C fan/180C. Grease and line a 2lb loaf tin and set aside.
  • Cream the butter and sugar together until paler and fluffy, approx. 3 minutes.
  • Add in the eggs and lime zest. Mix until combined. It will look curdled, don't worry.
  • Add in the flour and mix for about 3 minutes until a little paler and thicker.
  • Add half of the cake mix to loaf tin. Sprinkle over half the chopped strawberries. Add on top the remaining cake mix. Sprinkle over the remaining chopped strawberries.
  • Bake for 50 – 60 minutes. It will be done when a skewer is inserted and it comes out clean. If browning too much on top cover with foil.

To make the rum syrup:

  • Mix together the rum, lime juice and caster sugar. Heat in the microwave for 30 seconds.
  • As soon as the cake comes out the oven poke with a skewer in several places, all the way through to the bottom of the cake. Make sure to leave the cake in the tin. Drizzle over the rum syrup and let this soak into the sponge whilst you make the icing.
  • Allow the cake to fully cool before icing. Remove cake from the tin once cool.

To make the icing:

  • Mix together the icing sugar, rum and lime juice. Add in the food colouring. If too thin add more icing sugar. You want it thick enough so it won't run straight off the cake. Spread over the top of the cake and decorate with sliced strawberries.
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